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Light Pink Glass Glitter

Light Pink Glass Glitter

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Our glass glitter is sold by the ounce and can add unbeatable sparkle to any project! 

Our glass glitter is actually physical shards of glass cut and coated in color to bring sparkle and shine.

We have multiple colors and sizes available.

Our most popular is our medium silver as seen in Envy, D*or, Magic Silver and more!

You can find our gold glass in G*cci and Gilded.

As well as our pale gold glass in Caprice.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of this product, it is *extremely* sharp! Use caution and pay extra attention when cleaning tools and buckets. Keep out of eyes and mouth and away from face and hands. Not recommended for use around small children and pets. Faux By Kathy is not liable for any injury sustained while using this product.

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