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  • The silver version of Envy, definitely not named after that famous Parisian luxury brand... Available here

  • The gold version of Envy, definitely not named after that famous Italian luxury brand.. Available here

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Brand new to you, or an old favorite, these products have been freshly added to the store!

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Consider joining me on Pinterest! I have created several boards dedicated to projects/areas I have started around the studio using products available for purchase in this store.

Each board allows me unlimited space to include as much behind-the-scenes content and play-by-play photos per project without restricting me to 10 photos a post like Instagram.

Not everything I have has been uploaded yet, and I'm still not done with projects here either, so there will be plenty more to come:-)

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Instagram is another social media platform I try to be active on, please consider following me there for behind-the-scenes stories and updates.

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Are These in Your Toolbox?

Here are some of the tools vital to creating certain finishes.

Solid glass bead applications are best done using a plastic trowel, my favorite is 817RS/1, and linen looks can be achieved using a corduroy tool.

Have a question, comment, concern, or suggestion? *no soliciting* :-(