Collection: Finishes & Recipes

Maybe you're new to the industry and wanting to take it slow, too busy with life to find much time, or Chicagoland is too far a distance for you to travel... excuses no more! 

Allow me to bring the classroom to you and help you expand your portfolio in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, with my growing collection of digital recipes and physical kits. 

While it's no substitute for in-person learning and networking, at home is where it happens and until I get the studio ready for in-person classes, coming Spring of 2024, these take home kits will have to suffice.

Video tutorials are coming soon and the catalog of offered finishes is only going to grow!

*Due to several moving parts being made to order for each kit or finished sample board, please allow up to 10 days processing time before you can expect your materials to ship*


Any likeness to preexisting finishes or similarity in name is mere coincidence and not meant to infringe on other's talents. These recipes are my own or recreations of Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes' recipes you know and love, likely with product substitutions.


Happy Holidays!

Buy any 2 get 1 free with code "@homelearning" now through January 2024