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Rambler Pride!

I've had a lot of questions about what I used to make this finish happen - it was so freaking easy, let me walk you through it! A little disclaimer, as I said in my instagram post the colors green and gold remind me of my high school colors, so that's what the Rambler is referring to:-) I used 2 products and 2 tools to complete this sample, Golden Paint Work's Metallic Texture Pearl (tinted to a custom green) and Nova Color's Eclat Wall Painting along with a Shammie or Twine roller and a trowel of your choosing. The Eclat is so so so sparkly I can't believe I haven't used it before! First I troweled on a full coat...

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Silver Mine

Do you want to create this dazzling buried mica wall finish reminiscent of how the inside of a silver mine may glisten? Here's how I did it! This finish uses 3 products, Mica Revolution's Mica Rock in Smokey Charcoal, Golden Paint Work's Weathered Granite and Faux By Kathy's Silver Hollywood Glass Beads. This finish could be done in a multitude of colorways and you could substitute products to lend a different final look.  *let me preface by saying I chose to go over wall liner with this finish because I am renting this studio space - it has nothing to do with anything aside from that* I started by painting the wall a complimentary color to the mica flakes (I used...

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