Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

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Tiger's Eye is inspired by the warm gemstone! 

Our Jewelry glass beads differ from our Hollywood glass beads because no two recipes are exactly the same. They all are made in different base beads and contain different mix-ins. They can be made in Bella Beads, XL Glass Bead Gel or Glass Bead Gel, and they can be mixed with glitter, mica flakes and glass glitter.

They are part of a three step system - the first layer is our specialty primer, the second layer is paint of your choosing and the third layer is the bead mix of choice. They cover 40 sq ft on the wall and 35 sq ft on the ceiling per gallon; it is recommended to follow the three step system for full coverage application.

The base paint can be changed on an existing mix to suit your color scheme but we can also create a custom mix for you at no additional charge, just give us a call and we can discuss a look to better meet your needs.

Recommended base coat Modern Masters Nickel

When you purchase size 5 Gallons they are shipped in a five gallon bucket; if you would like individual gallon buckets please purchase the desired amount of buckets in single Gallons. The cost is for the bead mix only, paint and primer sold separately.

*This product is safe to freeze in the winter, and if it arrives to you frozen or freezes while storing allow it to defrost and come to room temperature on its own (do not force it with heat tools) and give it a thorough stir before application. If it thickens up over time due to evaporation it can be reconstituted with glaze. Thinning with water is not recommended - it can cause frosting*

ALL mixes are made to order, please allow up to two days processing time before you can expect your material to ship.