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Grossezza (CHP) Crackle

Grossezza (CHP) Crackle

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Grossezza CHP is a plaster type chipping crackle. CHP is to be used in conjunction with Perfetto Crackle Size to produce "chip off" crackle finishes. CHP can be used for strategic chipping over base coats or latex paints to provide an old world chipped look. CHP was designed to chip off if not used in conjunction with the Perfetto Crackle Size, basically, the areas that the Crackle Size is not applied is where the CHP is going to "chip off".

Due to the relative high porosity of the CHP, it should be sealed with a clear coat such as Perfetto Bondago Clear prior to color washing. Color development is achieved either by tinting and/or color washing the CHP with Faux Colorants or Perfetto Concentrates.

The primary factors affecting the size of the cracks is the film thickness (heavier applied material will crack larger), drying time, and amount or thickness of the crackle size applied. It is recommended the Crackle Size be allowed to dry at least 4 hours, perhaps overnight, depending on climate, before applying the CHP.

Known as just CHP, CHP is a chipping crackle, meaning that where ever there is not any
crackle size , it will chip off. CHP is also excellent for use as a chipping agent under paint.
It is strongly recommended that numerous samples be prepared before using this product.
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