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Bella Specialty Primer (Glass Bead Under Coat)

Bella Specialty Primer (Glass Bead Under Coat)

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Our Specialty Primer is the recommended first coat in your full wall glass bead installations. It is an aggregate rich texture primer, that when you trowel down, will give your glass beads something to grip to. Since the glass beads are spherical in nature, they would otherwise slip and slide on the smooth surface of the wall causing gapping and worm tracking. This lends to a spotty and uneven look when applying the glass beads full coverage. 

One gallon covers 80-100 sqft and can be thinned with distilled water until it reaches a workable consistency if desired, but it is not necessary prior to application. 

Follow with a coat or two of your chosen paint color and then your glass bead mix for beautifully smooth and consistent full wall glass bead installations. 

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