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Bella Foil & Composite Leaf Size

Bella Foil & Composite Leaf Size

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Our Bella Foil & Composite Leaf Size is unlike any other size on the market. This size offers endless open time, and I do mean endless. I've got samples from 3+ years ago that are still sticky because they haven't been sealed yet - great when I'm in a pinch to see what a foil really looks like!

How can endless open be a good thing? This trait can be especially appealing for people like me who start a sample and get interrupted for a few days before being able to come back and finish it, or for finishers who apply a coat before leaving their job for a day or two due to schedules.

The size will be tacky when you return and as soon as you fully apply your foil or touch down your leaf this will seal any stickiness. If you applied in an area where you do not want, a topcoat can be used to seal as well.

The drawback of this size is that it does require a longer amount of time to set up, preferably 12-24 hours before applying foil you intend to pull away that foil depending on how thickly you applied your coat. *I have rushed samples even though I know better and pulling the foil backing has taken wet size with it*

One gallon covers 300-400 sqft and only 1 coat is required. 

I like to apply with a velour roller and find that it levels itself out as it dries. 

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