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Bella Beads

Bella Beads

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Our in house Bella Beads allow for an especially smooth application on the wall. What makes them unique is they contain a variation of glass bead sizes with the little ones filling in where the big ones leave a gap to create a more even and consistent look.

When applied plain they can cover 50-70 sq ft per gallon, but as the mix-ins increase, the square footage decreases.

You'll see them used in all of our Hollywood glass bead mixtures as well as many of our Jewelry mixes due to their versatility and ease.

Use them in stries by thinning with glaze as well! 

*This product is safe to freeze in the winter, and if it arrives to you frozen or freezes while storing allow it to defrost and come to room temperature on its own (do not force it with heat tools) and give it a thorough stir before application. If it thickens up over time due to evaporation it can be reconstituted with glaze. Thinning with water is not recommended - it can cause frosting*

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