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Astro is unlike anything else we manufacture. It’s sparkle is unmatched in a trowelable product.

Per request, it is the highest concentration of silver luster we could muster. It contains all the sparkly silver things we have, glitters, glass flakes, micas all mixed into our Bella Cera Structured Wax because our beads just weren’t allowing us the space to jam all that glitz in there!

It follows the same three step system  - the first layer is our specialty primer, the second layer is paint of your choosing and the third layer is the Astro mix. A gallon covers 50 sq ft on the wall and 45 sq ft on the ceiling per gallon; it is recommended to follow the three step system for full coverage application.

You can change the base color on this, but due to the concentration of materials it may not make much difference. We have not yet made this in different color ways, but if you’re interested, we’d love to give it a shot! Making a sample prior to your job is highly suggested.

Recommended base coat Modern Masters Platinum

When you purchase size 5 Gallons they are shipped in a five gallon bucket; if you would like individual gallon buckets please purchase the desired amount of buckets in single Gallons. The cost is for the bead mix only, paint and primer sold separately.

Since this product is made in the wax, it is NOT recommended that this product freeze, and while we do take preventative measures with thermal wrap and hand warmers to do what we can, due to weather conditions and shipping delays we may choose to hold your order until the following Monday to reduce risk of the product sitting. Try to store in a place that does not experience freezing cold temperatures!

ALL mixes are made to order, please allow up to two days processing time before you can expect your material to ship.