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Bella Black Cera Structured Wax

Bella Black Cera Structured Wax

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Our Bella Cera Structured Wax is one of our best selling and more versatile products! 

It is not a true wax, but more of a gel or paste in nature. 

This product can be troweled and will hold any texture you put in it without sagging or drooping, hence the "structured" descriptor. It is a reformulation of our Bella Cera Satin Wax which is no longer in production. 

When untinted Bella Cera Structured Wax dries crystal clear with a high gloss, no yellowing. 

Bella Cera Structured Wax can be tinted (as seen here it comes to you already tinted black) with colorants or paint both metallic and non. 

You can also mix in glitter and mica flakes as seen in our Astro and Vegas finishes!

You can apply multiple layers without compromise, wet on wet, drying in between, layered with other materials and it only gets prettier!

It stands up to rollers, sponges and stencils as well. 

Depending on application style, a gallon will cover 100-250 sq ft.

It should not freeze, be applied on exterior surfaces, or put on the floor or in a shower. If it is used in a bathroom or powder room try to limit the amount of moisture it comes in contact with by wiping it down and running a fan.

*It is NOT recommended that this product freeze, and while we do take preventative measures with thermal wrap and hand warmers to do what we can, due to weather conditions and shipping delays we may choose to hold your order until the following Monday to reduce risk of the product sitting. Try to store in a place that does not experience freezing cold temperatures!*

ALL mixes are made to order, please allow up to two days processing time before you can expect your material to ship.

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