Rambler Pride!

Rambler Pride!

I've had a lot of questions about what I used to make this finish happen - it was so freaking easy, let me walk you through it!

A little disclaimer, as I said in my instagram post the colors green and gold remind me of my high school colors, so that's what the Rambler is referring to:-)

I used 2 products and 2 tools to complete this sample, Golden Paint Work's Metallic Texture Pearl (tinted to a custom green) and Nova Color's Eclat Wall Painting along with a Shammie or Twine roller and a trowel of your choosing.

The Eclat is so so so sparkly I can't believe I haven't used it before!

First I troweled on a full coat of the metallic plaster so the base was solid and once it was dry I troweled another full coat and ran my roller through the plaster in alternating directions until I got a texture and pattern I was happy with.

Move up and down and side to side but not too many times each direction otherwise it can look a bit chunky and messy. I went in both directions while everything was still wet and only needed one layer to achieve the texture. 

I allowed that to fully dry and then I came back in with the roller covered in the Eclat and rolled it up and down catching the high points - if I were to do this again I think a chip brush would suffice but this is why we experiment!

A few areas became too covered in the gold for the look I was going for so I came back in with a little bit of the green metallic plaster after that layer was dry and troweled little areas breaking up what was too heavy, and ran my roller through the spots again so as not to lose the look. 

Now just pull the tape and you're done!

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