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Preferred Decorative Artisan

Alicia Danzig
of Lulu Painting

Alicia Danzig grew up in a household that lived and breathed creativity.  With a father who was a painter and an artistic mother who surrounded the family by stenciling colorful stencils on the walls, painting the stairs different colors and always thinking outside the box, Alicia was destined to painting and creativity as well.  She always knew that she wanted to be a painter but felt that since it came so easily to her she should try for something harder.  No matter how hard she tried to be something else the artist in her could not be denied.  When she gave in and accepted her true nature, it was like “the seas parted” and she was where she was meant to be.

Alicia’s initial training was working in the summers painting with her Dad, followed by decorative painting in Minneapolis.   From there, her education expanded to IDAL and NTA.  Looking for more classes, Alicia found Kathy Carroll’s school Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes while searching on-line.  She registered for one of her business classes and flew out for the week.  “Kathy was a dream and made sure that I got all the information that I needed and all the classes that I could take for IDAL and NTA.  I am desperate to go back out there for another class and study with her.  She is an incredible instructor.  She embodies everything that a finisher needs to be successful.”  In addition to Kathy’s class, Alicia went to Morocco with Melanie Royal to the Peacock Pavilions; there she formed relationships with other finishers from all over the United States.

When asked about a favorite job, Alicia said it is really the clients that make her work so enjoyable.  “I have the most amazing clients; everyone is creative and willing to step outside the box.  Every client has been my favorite.  The reason that we have the incredible clients that we do is that they are extremely vision filled people.  At Lulu Painting, we are a broad filled team with a broad filled spectrum.  We know how to execute a job and look out for each other.”  When a customer calls, Alicia goes on site to determine what the client desires.  From there she will hand pick the people from her team that will execute the job.  “Everyone brings something special to the table; an expert in their own area.”  Lulu Painting has been in business now for seven years.  They do a lot of bold statements, stencils, specializing in Midwestern techniques, plasters and many more.  “We do everything decorative concrete and fine artist as well.” 

Going forward, Alicia is turning her highly creative business in to an even more specialized business.  Her showroom will soon be in the beautiful, historic building known as the Semple Mansion located in Minneapolis.  Alicia will be in the office more and is separating her artisans into teams focusing on interior, exterior and decorative to best meet the needs of her clients.  Alicia and her team are hard at work getting the studio space up to par and ready for the community.  She is “ecstatic to be starting a new partnership with one of the Twin Cities best Interior Designers, Erica Cooper, of Your Style reDesigned.”  Together, they have come up with a “boho vintage chic palate and plan for the space.”  They have many tricks up their sleeves for the upcoming months and are looking forward to the vast future that is in store for them.  “We love what we do.  Everyday I say I love my job.  We are so grateful to be around creative people who appreciate what we do.”

To learn more about Alicia Danzig and Lulu Painting visit www.lulupainting.com or call 612.275.6744