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Babs | December 2012

Decorative Faux Finish | Babs uses Modern Masters Metallic Wunda Size Bright Gold Foil Sponge Sea Sponge rollerFull Bodied Glaze by Proceed

Step-by-Step: Babs

Step 1: Base coat of Modern Masters Metallic paint Champagne. Two layers of Wunda Size allowed to dry in between coats. Place Bright Gold Foil
to sticky surface and burnish with brush to release foil.

Step 2: Complete transfer of foil to entire surface, allowing some of the base coat Modern Masters Metallic paint Champagne showing.

Step 3: Sponge or Sea Sponge Roller on Rough Regular Texture by Proceed
to the surface allowing both the base coat and the Bright Gold Foil to show.

Step 4: Color wash, using a sponge to finesse, Modern Masters Metallic Paint Champagne mixed with Full Bodied Glaze by Proceed 96 allow to dry.

Step 5: Color wash, using a sponge to finesse, Proceed Van Dyke Brown Slow Drying Acrylic and Full Bodied Glaze by Proceed.

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