Paint IT! or Stain IT!, Furniture Refinishing, Kitchen Cabinet refinishing product Kathy Carroll Paint IT! or Stain IT!
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Paint IT or Stain IT

Paint IT! or Stain IT!

Finally a major cost breakthrough in a cabinet, furniture and décor paint!

Paint IT! furniture refinsihing end table
This is done in Paint-IT! Madagascar Mocha with Van Dyke Brown Stain-IT! by one of our customers, Renae. Beautiful finish Renae!


  • No Sanding
  • No Priming
  • No Bonder required
  • It’s RTU (ready to use)

Comes pre-mixed in quart and gallon sizes

Use it for Furniture, Cabinets, Doors, Mantels, Trim, and more It can be used on any surface (even glass, metal, plastic, etc.)

Stain IT!
This is only the beginning of the colors available for the Stain IT! more are coming daily. Look for Stain-IT! metallic, plus we can make custom colors.
Stain IT! Amber Honey  Stain IT! Amber Honey
Stain IT! Black Walnut Stain IT! by Black Walnut
Stain IT! Rich Mahogany  Stain IT! by Rich Mahogany
Stain IT! Van Dyke Brown Stain IT! by Van Dyke Brown

And 16 more “Calm Colors” will be available shortly, and, Custom color matching is available for a small fee.  This Paint-It! product has a VOC rating less than 50g/l.  Made for FBK and Great Wall Supply.
If you have used Annie Sloan™, CeCe Caldwell’s, Maison Blanche, or Van Gogh paints you all ready know how to use our new product called Paint-IT!  Paint-IT! applies very smooth and flat with no brush strokes. Application methods include brushed, rolled, or sprayed
Now you can take a piece of furniture or kitchen cabinets and with Paint-IT! Create a whole new look without sanding or applying a primer.  And with our Stain-IT! product you will have a durable finish with a wax like sheen in just one coat of this beautiful Stain-IT! finish technique.  Compare this to any other Chalk like paint and wax.  Paint-IT! and Stain-IT! is going to cost you less money and will be a lot less work than any other competitive products.

With Paint-IT! you have many finish options:

  • Stain-IT!™ product on top (this is the number one choice, and you can choose from a variety of colors)
  • Beautiful™
  • Liberon Wax
  • Modern Masters Masters Clear or Supreme
  • Gilt Cream to add some more bling
  • Add Mylands Clear, or a Mylands colored wax of choice on top
  • Add Miss Mustard Seed’s furniture wax on top
  • Add one of the Mylands Finishing Oils on top
  • Add Hemp Oil on top
  • Add combinations of the above for more durability and sheen