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Chicago's Decorative Arts: Newsletter for Faux By Kathy faux finishing faux school faux elearning

Chicago's Decorative Arts: Newsletter for Faux By Kathy faux finishing faux store specials


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Decortive Artist School Decorative Arts marbling and graining techniques

Decortive Artist School Decorative Arts marbling and graining techniques


Bobko Dzign’s Custom Cut Stencils

Bobko Dzign’s Custom Cut StencilsRecently, Kathy had the opportunity to use Bobko Dzign’s custom cut adhesive stencils on a philanthropic project that she did with Heartland Chapter IDAL, and she was blown away by their performance.  So much so, that she just had to let you know about this local custom stencil maker.

Kathy had this glowing review to give of Bobko Dzign’s custom cut adhesive stencils:

“These one-time-use stencils do not stretch when applying, and within an hour of applying paint, we were able to use the stencil over the top of our painted surface with no stretching of the stencil.  And because of the stencils low-tack adhesive, the paint didn’t pull off when the stencil was removed.”

Tom Bobko operates his business Bobko Dzign out of LaGrange, Illinois, and has been in the sign business for the past 12 years.  Earlier in his career, Tom also worked in airbrushing.  That experience has given him an understanding about how to create stencils that are easy for the artist to use. 

Bobko Dzign custom cut stencils offer both adhesive and non-adhesive stencils.  Their adhesive stencils have a low-tack adhesive that makes keeping a stencil on the wall effortless.  In addition to being adhesive, the 3 mil 810 gray stencils are also made to be flexible enough to adhere to curves in walls or other surfaces that the stencil is being applied to.   For jobs where a more rigid stencil is required, they also offer 3 mil 813 blue stencils.  If you would rather work without adhesive on your stencil, Bobko Dzign also offers 10 mil polypropylene non-adhesive stencils to meet your needs.    Both types of stencil are suitable for floors, furniture, ceilings, or wherever you may want to add a special touch. 

With Bobko Dzign custom cut stencils, you are not confined to choices from a catalog, because every stencil is custom cut with precision machinery.  Tom is able to match designs from drawings, photos, fabric, and other sources quickly and affordable.  Give Bobko Dzign’s stencils a try, and you will not be disappointed.

For more information and to request your free sample of Bobko Dzign’s custom cut stencils, please email Tom at tom@bobkodzign.com

New Foils

We are very excited to introduce our new foil selection to you.  And, after some research, we are able to say that we offer the best price of any foils on the market today!  We have 41 different styles and colors to offer you, making your design possibilities endless.  Our foils can be sold either by the roll, or at $0.75 per foot allowing you to only purchase what you will need.

Decorative Design Foils  FBK Foil Gingered Copper (Burnt Pine Gold) Decorative artisan Foil Gold & Copper Stria (Dragura Gold) Decorative artisan Foil Gold & Copper Stria (Dragura Gold)
Decorative artisan Foil Gold & Copper Stria (Dragura Gold) Decorative artisan Foil Gold & Copper Stria (Dragura Gold) Decorative artisan Foil Gold & Copper Stria (Dragura Gold)
Decorative artisan Foil Gold & Copper Stria (Dragura Gold) Decorative artisan Foil Gold & Copper Stria (Dragura Gold) Decorative artisan Foil Gold & Copper Stria (Dragura Gold)

In addition to buying individual foils, we are also offering a sample pack.  Our foil sample pack is $32.50 and includes 1 foot of each of the 41 different foils that we offer.  This makes it easy to try different foils and create sample boards without investing in large quantities before you actually need them.

Along with our new foil selections, we are also offering a new size.  This new size has made the release of foil a lot easier, WITH NO BUBBLES!  Bella Foil and Composite Leaf Size (aka Perfetto Crackle Size) makes this no bubble release possible for both regular and hologram foil.

Give our new foils and sizes a try today and expand your foil possibilities.

IDAL Heartland Chapter Philanthropic Project

The IDAL Heartland Chapter was recently honored with a request from Susan Mennenga, Executive Director of Provena Mercy Medical Center Foundation at Provena Mercy Hospital in Aurora, to help redo some of the sections in the Child and Adolescent unit of their Behavioral Health area of the hospital.  Joanne Voll of the Heartland IDAL chapter is credited with coordinating the effort, which included 7 members of the chapter along with 3 friends and family, who assisted the members in their efforts.  The names of the participants are Nancy Schnell of Fairy Dust Creations, Joanne Voll of Creative finishes, Carol Melnyk of Vision Accomplished, Barbara Runyard of Runnier Design Studio, Vicki Gumbiner of Artistic Wall Finishes, Sue Sidun of Wonderful Walls Etc., and our very own Kathy Carroll.  Kathy gives a “hats off” to Joanne and the amazing job that she did pulling everything together.

As Kathy heard Susan’s name mentioned in the meeting, a bell immediately went off, as Kathy had helped Susan to do what Kathy calls “an extreme makeover of the pediatric wing of St. Anthony’s Hospital in Chicago” in 2006.  Kathy was excited by the chance to get to work with her again, and Susan was equally as happy and surprised to see Kathy on the job again.  During this phase of their work, the artisans added a mural to the play area and did banding and stenciled words using Bobko Dzign custom cut stencils in the hallways.  The words they added were simple words to bring comfort to the children and adolescents in the facility.  In addition to those areas, they also painted the nurses station.  In the future, they look forward to returning to the facility to paint individual patient rooms as well.

Susan Mennenga said of the work that Heartland IDAL had done “our patients are now receiving quality care in a beautiful environment.”  This project comes at a very special time for Provena Mercy Hospital.  The building that houses the Behavioral Health area is celebrating its 100th year in 2011.  This building is actually the first building of the hospital that was founded in 1911 as Mercyville, an inpatient psychiatric hospital by the Sisters of Mercy.  Even though the hospital has expanded since then, its original mission of providing the highest quality of care to all who enter their facility has not changed.
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