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Golden Proceed Product conversion chart wit Faux Effects products

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BOLD Stone certified training and products

BOLD Stone certified training and products

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Decortive Artist School Decorative Arts marbling and graining techniques

Decortive Artist School Decorative Arts marbling and graining techniques

Get Inspired with Meoded Decorative Paint and Plaster

Meoded LogoAffecting millions, Meoded Decorative Paint and Plaster has made quite a splash. With ease of use, depth of color and low VOC products, they are being used in many movie and television studios in Los Angeles, California.

The transcending beauty of Meoded decorative paints subtly effects the atmosphere in the room, shifting the awareness of all who enter. Whether it is a movie or television set, business or home, first impressions are lasting ones. The rich tones, textures and dimensions of Meoded have the ability to envelope, sooth or stimulate depending on the artisan’s intent. No matter which decorative paint is chosen, Meoded has ensured they are high quality, low VOC and wonderfully easy to work with.

Meoded Srystal Brush Glitter PaintMeoded is environmentally conscious and dedicated to keeping their manufacturing in the United States. Speaking with Dan Watson, Marketing Manger, he says, “We have developed a line of low VOC metallic paint in the US that is below 50 grams and tintable. We have a lot of clients that are involved in the movie studio in LA that have taken to the product and use it in TV and movie shows. They find it to be user friendly and less expensive. One great factor is that the base colors are all the same price.” Sapphire Metallic is a quick drying product that can be applied to walls, ceilings, furniture and also with stencils. With Sapphire Metallic, surround yourself in luxurious sophistication.

YouTube: Meoded Srystal Brush Glitter PaintWhen trying to apply glitter to create shimmering effects, the process can at times be complicated or messy. With Meoded, there is no more mess. They have developed a product that embodies elegance, fantasy and a touch of fun all in one: Crystal Brush. Dan speaks about the playfulness of Crystal Brush and its attributes, “Crystal Brush can be used anywhere. I have seen it used on walls, ceilings, furniture and with stenciling. The paint is strong as the glitter is suspended inside the product. The versatility is up to the imagination of the user. Crystal Brush can be tinted to any color. It comes in seven base colors: White, Silver, Brown, Gold, Red, Blue and Smoked Black. We also offer a free, seven minute tutorial on YouTube.”

Meoded works closely with their clients to achieve maximum results. As Dan says, “There are no rules in Venetian plaster and we always work with our customers so they can win their clients over.”

As a proud distributor of Meoded Decorative Paints and Plaster, Kathy Carroll has had tremendous success with their products and knows their ins and outs. As always, she graciously extends her expertise to her fellow artisans in her classes or when questions arise. Call today and place your order. Your clients will be astounded by the array of choices and quality that you are able to provide and deliver.

The Wonders of the Proceed Wiki

Visit to Proceed WikiGolden Proceeds has come out with their very own Proceed Wikipedia. It is simple, convenient and, as Kathy Carroll says, contains “more information than you can ever imagine.”

It consists of a wide variety of products, videos and education materials directly at your fingertips. For ease of reading and smooth navigation, a standard format is maintained. There is even a how to use Proceed-e-Pedia for your convenience.

To give an example using Crackle, an in depth description is given, followed by subcategories, and then what they call: Pages in category “Crackle.” This is the typical format maintained throughout with discussion, view, source and history tabs at the top. Each category is sufficiently full of detailed information also allowing for sections where artisans worldwide can add their expertise.

Here is a sample taken from the Crackle page for a glimpse into the wonders of the Proceed Wiki. If you would like to know more about the subcategories section, click below:

C - Cracking Size
R - Rough Cracking Texture
S - Smooth Cracking Texture
T - Transparent Cracking Glaze

For a peek into Pages in category “Crackle,” click below:

P - Proceed Spraying Recommendations
R - Relative Thickness
Rough Cracking Texture, Surface and Underlayer Considerations
S - Smooth Cracking Texture, Surface and Underlayer Considerations
T - Tinting Crackle

Navigation is simple with four sections on the left: access to Proceed Wiki and main website, products, education and search. With the Proceed Wiki, virtually any information from recipes, tinting, color, video and so much more are accessible on the job or at your leisure. Once you delve into the Proceed Wiki you will be hooked right along with the rest of us.

At Your Fingertips!

Faux By Kathy Home Page Archive
Click on the button on the Left Column to access the FBK home page
archive page.

Wanting to ensure easy access to all past articles, Kathy Carroll has had an index created. The archive is now at your fingertips in an even more accessible manner than before.

Hundreds of articles are indexed for easy reference. “We have an average of 17,000 people on the site per month. With all these people in mind we have created an index for easy access of major homepage articles about products and other helpful tips,” says Kathy Carroll.

For example, if you are looking for more information about concrete floors, select April 2012. Or if you would like information on stencil thickness, go to the December 2011 archive. The archive is located on the right hand side of the website for your convenience.

Decorative Artisan Speak!
How Kathy has helped customers in a pinch!

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Mark and Sheila Burke are dedicated do it yourselfers. Several years ago, they decided to shape their home into today’s current trends, one project at a time.

Doing some research on the Internet for one of their home projects, Mark found Kathy Carroll’s website and placed an order. “My wife wanted a light venetian plaster in the master bath. Every time I applied it, I scarred the walls, leaving trowel marks.” This was the first project Mark had embarked on in their home. After ordering some supplies from Kathy, they received a call from her former Office Manager, Peggy, asking what they were doing. Ten minutes later, Kathy called Mark, “She calls me and asks what product I’m using, which was Modern Masters. After asking a few more questions and listening to the answers, she said I needed a different trowel. She sent me Japan Scrapers for half the price of what I had originally bought!” Kathy gave Mark helpful tips for working with Modern Masters to obtain the best results. “She explained that I had applied it too heavily and perpetuated the problem. She told me to lighten up the load and do some sanding. From there, I had the tools to correct it. Now, my wife – the boss – loves the room and shows it off to her friends.”

Their master bath, done in a soft gold with a copper metallic ceiling, turned out beautiful. Sheila handmade a bathroom curtain, adding the prefect touch, along with the chandelier she hung for ambiance and lighting.

That was only the beginning for the Burke’s. Once Mark and Sheila saw the stunning results of their hard work, they were hungry for more. With milk wash or white varnish cabinets, Mark and Sheila felt their kitchen needed a facelift. They began the undertaking of sixty cabinets that Mark says, “Is creeping up to the finish.” There was a modest amount of grain showing through. They were a good twenty years old and beat up,” Mark explains. “All the cabinets, except the eight in the island, are from the March 2011 Quick Inspiration sample. It’s a coffee color. If we needed to alter the color, we would call Kathy and she always helped us with that. Kathy is the go to once we ‘think’ we want to take on a new project. For the cabinets, I did the priming and sanding and Sheila did all of the final painting.” The cabinets provide a richness and warmth, making the kitchen the focal point it is meant to be.

The order for the crackle is currently being placed with Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes, as Mark and Sheila get ready to add to their décor with the transformation of their island. As Mark says, “The kitchen project started two years ago. Sheila wanted black cabinets. I wasn’t fond of the idea but Kathy’s immediate reaction was; ‘yes, they need to be darker.” The eight cabinets will be a lovely compliment in black crackle, converting the former island into a luxurious centerpiece.

When an opportunity arose for business, Mark flew into Chicago and met Kathy face to face. “Once you get in, you’re a member of the family. It’s knowledge transfer every time you talk to her. She sells you the right stuff for DIY and the help you need to be successful. She makes sure of it, that’s why we keep going back.”

As Mark says, “We are a long way from being done.” There are projects he and Sheila still have on the horizon as they peruse the gallery of finishes at the Faux by Kathy website, excited for their next endeavor.

Faux by Kathy Quick Inspirtations
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Quick Inspirations

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Would You Like to Be Artisan of the Month?Faux By Kathy Decorative Artisan of the Month

Have you ever wanted to be featured as an Artisan of the Month on our website?  Now’s your chance!  All you have to do to be considered is contact our office.  If you are selected, you will need to be available for a 30 to 45 minute phone interview and provide us with at least 10 pictures of your work, and a picture of yourself to be featured with your article. 

The increased visibility alone is worth it!  What have you got to lose?  Contact us today!

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