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BOLD Stone certified training and products

BOLD Stone certified training and products

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Decortive Artist School Decorative Arts marbling and graining techniques

Decortive Artist School Decorative Arts marbling and graining techniques

Professional Decorative Painters Association;
History in the Making

Faux by Kathy Professional Decorative Painters AssociationThere has been a lot of talk about the Professional Decorative Painters Association lately, and with good reason!  The 2nd Annual Education Summit is coming up and is guaranteed to transport you across time, through history and into the worlds that have known decorative painting. 

Before we get into the exciting details, why was PDPA created?  PDPA was created not only to carry on the tradition and history of decorative painting, but also to build a greater understanding of this career, as a greater aid for future learning.  PDPA members band together through a shared craft while maintaining a strict code of ethics.  Speaking with Andre Martinez, Board President and Education Chair, “PDPA was started in 2003 as a local organization in Colorado.  It was in 2004 or 2005 that we decided to go international and took on a larger Board.  We operated off of specific initiatives:  Education, Ethics, Technology and Community.  We produce work for the industry as well as provide benefits. We give to the industry; we are an inflow.  There is a gap between the decorative world and architecture; we fill that gap worldwide.  The PDPA offers many types of memberships,” Andre explains.  “For all of our members, we market to the design industry as well as to the public. We have a lot of painters who have received work from that networking.  We are promoting decorative painting to the world.”  The Professional Decorative Painters Association is actively working to educate the general public about what decorative painting is and then provide access to the Professionals that can accomplish their projects.

faux by Kathy Professional Decorative Painters Association educationAs the anticipation builds, Andre shares some of the exciting events that will unfold over the 3 day Education Summit.  “Every year in Golden, Colorado it becomes all about education.  This year it is September 8th, 9th and 10th.  It is free to professional members and above.  The event is open to the public, and architects and designers will be there too.  It’s a huge public event; like a fair built around decorative painting.  The theme this year is the history of decorative painting.  We will have Impulse Theater, a local improv group; bringing to life 12 characters from Nero to Louis Comfort Tiffany.  Each skit is designed to educate people on key points in history that had an impact on Decorative Painting. We will also have live music that will begin with Ancient classical style and continue through the ages to modern music.”

As a member of the steering committee, Kathy Carroll will be heading to Colorado to share in the festivities for the 2011 Education Summit in Golden, Colorado this September.  It promises to be an amazing time of days of old artfully blended in a symphony of song, color and design leading into the future.  As Kathy is always staying on top of the latest trends, the most exciting and cutting edge designs, she is sure to be involved with the PDPA.  As a strong instructor and incredibly knowledgeable leader herself she will be a valuable asset.  Kathy is looking forward to the upcoming Summit and hopes to see you there!

Meoded Decorative Paint and PlasterMeoded Decorative Paint and Plaster

From the timeless beauty of a Marmorino finish to the playful array of glittery, shimmery or soft decorative paints, Meoded Decorative Paint and Plaster will meet your every need. First impressions as well as long lasting ones are important in any industry, especially the decorative painting industry.  Meoded Paint and Plaster ensures that with their high quality products and low VOC components their products will deliver the results that will exceed your clients expectations!

They are a company dedicated to keeping their manufacturing in the United States. Highly concerned about the world we live in; their products are all environmentally friendly. They care about the high quality of their product as well as the people who are working with them. Dan Watson, Marketing Manager, says, “We are committed to maintaining environmentally friendly products and to thinking of future products. There will be new products out next year!”

Speaking with Dan, he informs us of two very unique and playful decorative paints that Meoded manufactures. “The Sapphire Metallic paint is the only low VOC metallic line out on the market.  It also has superior washability.  Most metallic paints do not accept colorants; however, this product will allow you to mix universal colorants in. Just play with it and have fun!”  Crystal Brush is a phenomenal product to give a glistening beauty to a room, a perfect sparkle to fairies wings or a startling shimmer to a ceiling. Dan describes how simple this product is to use. “Crystal Brush is easy to apply; we recommend applying two coats with a brush.  It’s a great product for stenciling as well as art work.  This product is exceptional for ceilings, commercial spaces, really anything.  It’s fun and unique.  It is available in six colors: White Pearl, Gold, Silver, Copper, Brown and Red.  From there it can be custom tinted and glitter can be added for custom effects. As with all our products, this one is low VOC.”

Recently, Meoded Decorative Paint and Plaster has partnered with Granicrete International.  Dan gives some insightful information on this venture. “We have started working with Granicrete and our product is now available for order. They have incorporated some of our metallic paints with their Aurastone finishing system. They are a great partner and are enthusiastic as well as having the inroads with many professional people and quality products. We have shared new information and ideas with each other that has been mutually beneficial. It is an ideal partnership.”

Kathy Carroll has had many wonderful results with these products and as such is a proud distributor.  In her classes she uses Meoded Plasters enhancing the beauty, depth and incredible texture to any design she wishes to create and instruct. Kathy has had tremendous success with these products and knows the ins and outs of them. As always, she graciously extends her expertise to her fellow artisans in her classes or when questions arise. Call today and place your order. Your clients will be astounded by the array of choices and quality that you are able to provide and deliver!

Faux by Kathy Quick Inspirtations
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Quick Inspirations

Inspirations with Sizzle

Come join Kathy Carroll and create 12 new exiting 19”X20” samples with inspirations that sizzle! Astound your clients with the beauty, sensuality and truly unique high quality samples to update your portfolio that will be created in this 2 day class held October 21st through October 22nd .

For those of you who were not able to attend Kathy’s sold out class at IDAL, here is your opportunity to have the same, if not even better experience, at Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes studio. 

Trowel to your heart’s content with variations that render your clients and designers alike speechless with these new artistic designs. Delve into the vast array of bold patterns along with new colors that have been forecasted for 2012-2013 to whet your appetite and transcend your greatest expectations.   

This class focuses on perfecting techniques to maximize your profit margins while padding your portfolio with these incredible in demand samples. Whether you have lots of old inventory, or you just want to update your portfolio, then this class is for you. Register for Inspiration with Sizzle today!

Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes "Inspirations that Sizzle" Class
October 21and 22, 2011

$595 per student

50% DEPOSIT required in advance to reserve space.
Balance due upon registration.
(Transportation and lodging not included;)

Call to register 800 797-4305
Register by Email

Would You Like to Be Artisan of the Month?Faux By Kathy Decorative Artisan of the Month

Have you ever wanted to be featured as an Artisan of the Month on our website?  Now’s your chance!  All you have to do to be considered is contact our office.  If you are selected, you will need to be available for a 30 to 45 minute phone interview and provide us with at least 10 pictures of your work, and a picture of yourself to be featured with your article. 

The increased visibility alone is worth it!  What have you got to lose?  Contact us today!

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