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New Custom Metallic Foils & V-Masking Solutions

From chic to antique, metallic foils offer a look that is uniquely their own. What is it your client wants most? With metallic foils the possibilities are endless.

Apply to a mirror for a touch of the past or accentuate the wonderful structure of a domed ceiling to exude presence and add atmosphere. Walls, ceilings, furniture, murals, fireplaces, columns, headboards, and tables are just a few of the surfaces to adorn a metallic foil design specific to your clients’ tastes. There are so many other possibilities. What have you tried?

V-Mask Metallic Foil Cheetah V-Mask Metallic Foil Copper Bark V-Mask Metallic Foil Copper Bronze
Cheetah Copper Bark Copper Bronze

Kathy Carroll is now carrying a line of rich easy-release metallic foils by Custom Foils & V-Masking Solutions. These foils do not disappoint. Kathy comments that “your imagination is your only limitation” with this line of foils.

Metallic Foil Copper Green Slade Metallic Foil Dark Pewter Bronze V-Mask Metallic Foil Spotted Gold (Maltese)
Copper Green Slade Dark Pewter Bronze Fine Line Gold

In speaking with Cindy Andrews, owner of V-Mask Custom Foils, she said, “Our foils have more mica in them which gives them that brilliant metallic look. They are very different than anything out there in the market. They vary in color and have their own personality.” The originality, radiance, and quality are clear to see. “There are twenty-three patterns and five solids. The difference is that most foils have three colors and three metallics. Ours have nine to twelve, or more, which gives them more depth.”

V-Mask Metallic Foil Mardigras V-Mask Metallic Foil Mariah V-Mask Metallic Foil Muted Gold
Mardigras Mariah Muted Gold

Metallic foil is striking regardless of the manner it is used, whether a soft subtle look from a time long past, or a modern bold splash of color. The base or medium used plays a large part in the outcome of the foil, as does the method of application. There are many to choose from: satin, metallic paint, semi-gloss, oil, or latex-based paint. The fun part is deciding on the shade beneath the foil for the effect. The paint beneath must be dried and cured before the foil is applied.

V-Mask Metallic Foil Old Colorado V-Mask Metallic Foil Pale Gold Fossil V-Mask Metallic Foil Pewter Bark
Old Colorado Pale Gold Fossil Pewter Bark

V-Mask Custom Foils are easy to use and can be transferred in many ways for multiple effects. Using Bella Size or Wunda Size, apply the foil in one of these methods for the desired result: smooth, crumpled, crumple up the foil and then un-crumple (loose or tight crumple), torn, or layered. Another medium to use over the foil would be: stains, plasters, paint, glaze, or textural mediums. After the medium is applied, the metallic foil can be top coated.

V-Mask Metallic Foil Red Maple Burl
V-Mask Metallic Foil Russett
V-Mask Metallic Foil Serengeti Plain
Red Maple Burl
Serengeti Plain

Just how easy are V-Mask Custom Foils to use? “They are so easy to use my four year old and nine year old granddaughters did it, on their own, following my instructions,” said Cindy.

V-Mask Metallic Foil Mariah
Spotted Champagne
V-Mask Metallic Foil Watertown Brass
Watertown Brass
V-Mask Metallic Foil Weathered Copper
Weathered Copper

Kathy Carroll has loads of samples of Cindy’s foils on her Facebook page for viewing. “We are carrying V-Mask Custom Foils in 12.5" by one foot as well as by the roll.” We know that you will be as amazed with the color, quality, and ease of use of this product as we are. We are here to answer any question you may have or if you would like to stop by the studio. Call today to place your order for this truly wonderful product.

V-Mask Metallic Foil Aberdeen
V-Mask Metallic Foil Woodhaven Gold
Woodhaven Gold

Professional Update

Decorative Faux Finish Sample

New designs. New techniques.
Cleint WOW factor.

From cutting edge colors to just the right amount of sparkle, the Professional Update class creates samples of pure inspiration. Exactly what your clients and designers are looking for in their homes and businesses.

What better way to capture the attention of potential clients than through exceptional samples?

Decorative Faux Finish Sample Decorative Faux Finish Sample Decorative Faux Finish Sample
Decorative Faux Finish Sample Decorative Faux Finish Sample Decorative Faux Finish Sample

Where did these high quality inspirational samples come from?

Kathy Carroll will teach a two-day Professional Update class held at Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes, Illinois on September 13 – September 14.

The class will be highly focused on Golden Proceed products,V Mask Foils, Dimensions Lime Plasters, Bellissimo Stencils, Bella Solid Glass Bead Wall, Bella Product line, Paint It!™ and Stain It!.™ There will be a total of 14 sample boards created.

Gear up, get excited, and inspired. Samples for the class will be posted online for prior viewing.

We look forward to seeing you at the Professional Update class, where there will be every opportunity to network with fellow artisans, increase your profit margin with high quality sellable samples and learn new techniques or products.

$550 per student

50% DEPOSIT required in advance to reserve space.
Balance due upon registration.
(Transportation, lunch and lodging not included)
Call to register 800-797-4305
Register by Email

Kathy Carroll Teaching at the International Decorative Artisan League Convention Exposition on October 8-12, 2013 at the Sheraton Indianapolis in Indianapolis, INInternational Decorative Artisan League Convention & Exposition

October 8-12, 2013
Sheraton Indianapolis
At Keystone Crossing
Indianapolis, IN

Start planning ahead for IDAL. The convention will be packed with classes, lectures, and network opportunities you won’t want to miss.

This year Kathy Carroll will be teaching two exciting classes. The first is an All-Star class featuring Golden Proceed. The second will focus on furniture and kitchen cabinets. Plan ahead and register early as Kathy’s classes fill up fast. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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