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Chicago's Decorative Arts: Newsletter for Faux By Kathy faux finishing faux school faux elearning

Chicago's Decorative Arts: Newsletter for Faux By Kathy faux finishing faux store specials


Upcoming Courses:
Kitchen Cabinets and Classic Furniture Finishes
Professional Update
Great Beginnings
8/28/10 Jewel Stone Floors
Great Beginnings
Kathy teaching at This Faux House Design
Kathy teaching at Faux Maison
Glass Mosaic
9/25/10 Jewel Stone Floors
Kitchen Cabinets and Classic Furniture Finishes
Professional Update
Great Beginnings
10/23/10 Jewel Stone Floors
11/13/10 Jewel Stone Floors4
Great Beginnings
12/11/10 Jewel Stone Floors
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Decortive Artist School Decorative Arts marbling and graining techniques

Decortive Artist School Decorative Arts marbling and graining techniques


Glass Mosaic Class

Glass Mosaics Decorative Artisans designing with decorative glass

The Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes is excited to have Tom Snyder of Designer Glass Mosaics in Charlotte, North Carolina with us to teach his 3 day Glass Mosaic Class. The class will take place from September 20th to the 22nd .  The cost for the class will be $595.00, and will include all materials except for safety glasses.

Glass Mosaics Decorative Artisans designing with decorative glass Murals

This class will provide you with all the knowledge that you will need to begin using glass as a medium.  During the class, Tom will cover all elements from how to cut tiles, patterning and design work, working on different surfaces from vases to plywood, tools, adhesives, and how to grout.  As Tom describes it “everything from soup to nuts.”

Glass Mosaics Faux Finishing Artisans designing with decorative glass vaceThe end goal of the class is to finish a project of the students choosing during the 3 days. Students are able to create either flat or 3 dimensional projects.  Before the start of the class, Tom will contact each student to discus what type of project that they will create and select tile colors that Tom will bring to the class.

Tom Snyder has been working in the industry for the past 10 years, and has taught over 400 artisans during his career.  His work graces not only homes, but local galleries as well, and several of his pieces have won awards.  Although Tom does some artwork, he continues to keep home décor as his focus.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn the art of glass mosaics from one of the masters.  Reserve your space today this class is going to fill up fast!

For more information on Tom Snyder visit his website designerglassmosaics.com

New Custom Tinting Machine

decorative painting custom tinting Modern Master machine for faux finishingThe Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes is happy to announce the arrival of its new custom tinting machine.  We are now able to meet all of your acrylic tinting needs with the help of our tinting expert, Margaret.  Bring us any color and we will match it for only $15 plus the cost of the product and tint.  After the first time we match that color, there will be no additional fee to reproduce it in the future. 

We are also able to match any of our competitor’s colors for no additional fee.  For example, we are able to tint our Metallic Texture product to match any of Lusterstone’s colors for no additional charge.  Another benefit that we are happy to be able to offer our customers is our own exclusive palette of colors, which is being added to daily.  Our Custom Colors by FBK are available for purchase from our store.  You can also order Metallic Paint and Metallic Plaster color cards of our Custom Colors by FBK at no cost. 

Our Clients Speak

ML Campbell saves the day with old Kitchen Cabinets refinish!

The townhouse is in DC and it 102 years old with 11' ceiling, incredible mouldings, skinny back staircases.  I had beautiful marble subway tile installed a couple weeks ago along with a new stainless farm sink.  Some new lighting and shades.  The guys are a pleasure to work for, so that is way I go that extra mile for whatever work I do for them.   The cabinets are custom oak and very plain.  James hated them but considering the 3 floor renovation that will be taking place soon, he and Paul decided to paint them some how.  So as you know ( and promised never to use again) I applied black oil thinned down and then removed it with steel wool.  Then my painter sprayed the ML Campbell topcoat on.  It dries very fast, he was able to complete 2 coats in just under 3 hours.  He loves it and said he will never use oil sealer again and asked me yesterday to order 2 gallons for him for a job that is currently working on.  Well let me say that it made all the difference in the world.  

Unfortunately the carpenter couldn't make the time to install the new sink until after I finished painting, the ML held up great!!  With all the banging and scrapping there were 2 little spots so I lighting sanding with 600 grit and with a small artist brush blended in the finish and Waah la.  

Kathy thank you so much for helping me though out all all this and for your expert recommendations.  Your on the money right.   Now my pics aren't the greatest but I tried to take photos that show the luster of the finish, look next to the appliances and you can see the beautiful sheen from the ML.  

I hope you like the photos


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