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BOLD Stone certified training and products

BOLD Stone certified training and products

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Decortive Artist School Decorative Arts marbling and graining techniques

Decortive Artist School Decorative Arts marbling and graining techniques

Jewel Stone: A Jewel Among Faux Stone

JewelstoneJewel Stone is a versatile decorative faux stone, designed for use over existing concrete and masonry, both interior and exterior. It is an acrylic modified cementitious coating, and once sealed, is virtually water-impermeable.

Jewel Stone, manufactured and distributed by DuROCK, comes in twenty four colors and standard white. The colors may be combined for hundreds of options providing the artisan with an unlimited palette.

JewelstoneJewel Stone is a two-part application. As the US distributor, Kathy Carroll recommends embedding a reinforced fiberglass mesh in the first coat using a stainless steal trowel when applying Jewel Stone. It takes ten hours for the first coat to dry. After waiting the allotted time, begin taping off a desired pattern. Upon applying the second coat of Jewel Stone, ensure that the combined thickness equals 3/16 inch.

To create texture, hold the trowel flat and drag it across the freshly applied second coat. It will take approximately two to four hours for the second coat to set. It is recommended to knock down the surface using a stainless steel trowel. It is at this stage that the tape can be removed with care. Cutting or shaving patterns can be created with ease. Simply hold the trowel at the edge and drag or hold it flat and float it to the surface for a shave effect. Use a grouting tool to cut out the desired pattern.

Jewelstone Jewelstone

Color is applied dry in various intensities and shades to resemble the desired stone texture. It is recommended to sprinkle the dry color over the surface using a dampened sponge and working in a circular. Several color shades may be necessary in in order to achieve the desired appearance.

Jewel Stone has the ability to withstand harsh weather, making it the perfect coating for custom patios, steps, driveways or an surface requiring the look or performance of stone, adding value to your home or business. Jewel Stone has a unique versatility that accommodates to any style and architecture.

An Experience Worth Revisiting: William Cochran

william cochran explains techniques to attentive studentWilliam Cochran, a master with incredible vision, taught an awe-inspiring four day class at Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes on May 7 – 10th. He brought trompe l’oeil to life in an atmosphere fairly sizzling with energy. It was an experience not to be missed. The impression he made on his students was, as Kathy Carroll put it, “Life changing. I see things differently and can’t stop thinking about painting. I’m excited about photography, shadows, hues, and tones.”

The atmosphere William creates in the classroom is warm and inviting allowing an easy exchange of creativity and information. Carole Ego, of Carole Ego Mural Artist, says, “He is amazing, affirming and full of antidotes that he has gathered throughout his life. It’s wonderful, I’m not afraid to ask questions and would go to any class he teaches.”

william cochran instructing

Regardless of how long an artist has been using acrylics there is always something new to learn from William. Bonnie Lecat, of Bonnie Lecat Designs, was looking forward to his class and was not disappointed. “I’ve wanted to take his class for a long time. Having worked as a muralist for twelve years, the nice thing is that I’m learning other things. He has kind of a spiritual zen approach. He is very positive and knowledgeable.” Feeling the zen, Paul McKinnie remarked, “It’s in the realm of being touched, moved and inspired. I’m enrolled in his conversation.”

Able to keep the class focused on the positives, William also made sure to address the heart of the matter. Debbie Spertus, of Signature Mural & Finish, Inc., said, “He is a really great teacher, he has struggled and knows why things are the way they are. Not only is he a competent artist, he can explain the effects.” Linda Roby, of Roby Design House, said, “It’s fascinating and eye opening. I appreciate how he describes in detail the thinking process and addresses not just the technical but more of the intellectual process.”

william cochran teaching

Leading through example, William does more than just show his students depth, temperature and value. He shares his renowned techniques on many levels, keeping his students enthralled. David Cook, of D’Franco Decorative Finishes, gives insight to his experience attending William’s class and what it was like in a typical day. “It was different than anything I’ve taken so far, not at all what I expected. In eight years, this is the first time I’ve worked with brushes. I’ve been using airbrushes on my murals and stencil work cutting and making masks, spraying and doing different things. It’s a slower process and I need to wrap my mind around it. We went to an art museum last night where he was showing the brush strokes. I got the part where he was showing the old Italian paintings and it looks like it was air brushed 200 years ago and they were doing it with paintbrushes. It’s amazing to see what they were able to achieve with brushes, where now we use mechanical.”

william cochran class

Throughout the class, artisans gained depth to their already established techniques. From the wealth of knowledge transferred, the students expressed the benefits they would extend to their business and clients. Debbie Spertus said, “It improves my sense of color, temperature and shadows even more.” Carole Ego gained a new depth to her painting with William’s teaching, “He pushes value as one of the key components that need to be correct. I concentrated more on color in my work but I’m seeing the importance of value and temperature. I’ve purchased the value scale before, now I’m going to use it. That’s going to improve my painting. The importance and value of temperature has been his mantra.”

Bonnie Lecat said, “He is extremely knowledgeable about cameras in Photoshop. It’s a fun group of people, you always learn something new to help you improve your business.” Business or personal, William’s class brought out enlightenment in all. Paul McKinnie said, “There is something developing [in my painting and] I’m seeing it differently, it’s taking on a life to me.” When Paul was asked what he learned the most his response was, “I learned to get out of the way.”

william cochran explains techniques to attentive studentWhen David Cook was asked about what he will be able to apply to his business, he replied with, “The colors, how he looks at the pictures and breaks it down. It makes the project not as overwhelming as you make it out to be.” Stephanie Campbell said, “I’ve learned how to see value differently and how to gather and apply this to start a business. How to incorporate into my paintings.” And Kathy Carroll is enthusiastic about her upcoming classes. She had this to say, “I will be able to take this to my students. I can explain the value of tone and I can’t wait to apply the things he taught in the next class I teach, how to make colors work together, the tones and values. I’m excited.”

Each of the artisans who took the class came away with a sense of accomplishment. There was a great deal gained both technically and emotionally. Lindy Roby said, “This class is looking at value and temperature always learning how to look at things and it’s all about the light in addition to the part as an artist how to continue to gain confidence and stay positive with your projects. It’s hard as new process.” Product knowledge was even among the list of surprises in the class repertoire. David Cook said, “I’m still learning, every step is taking me out of the comfort zone. Some of the Golden Proceed products that he talked about, I had no idea that you could even use them, how steadfast and durable they were. It lasts for decades.”

william cochran explains techniques to attentive studentPutting it all together, Stephanie Campbell had this to say, “I understand how values and temperatures affect your painting differently and if that is not correct it wont feel or look right. It won’t come together the way you picture it in your head. I will absolutely take a class form him again. He is really good at not letting you feel down about yourself and doesn’t let you beat yourself up. He teaches you to approach the painting of the less self-depreciating attitudes and that’s huge. He helps you build up your confidence and keep a positive approach and attitude.”

Kathy Carroll sums up a class that was not to be missed, “This was the first time I’ve done trompe l’oeil. We even took a trip to a museum. William is the most giving and inspiration teacher, I can’t thank him enough. It was a fabulous and wonderful experience. This is something I will do again. I will take all his classes. It was hard to keep up with him, he gave you so much information you just wanted more. We went late at night almost every day. Everyone was inspired and helping everyone else, a once in a lifetime experience. I couldn’t sleep the whole week he was here. I was up at 3:30 every morning. I was so inspired. I had to leave after he was here to go to FL to visit my mother and I was itching to get back to my canvas.”

With the afterglow of William’s glass there is not doubt demand will be high for another one in the future. Kathy will apply everything she has learned from his class to her own teaching methods. We look forward to seeing you at Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes for a class soon!

Get Ready for: The 27th Annual IDAL Convention & Exposition

The 27th Annual IDAL Convention & Expo is around the corner. This year is going to be held in Reno, Nevada from July 24 to 28, 2012. Make your reservations at the Grand Sierra Resort to for a variety of experiences taught by master artisans. There will be 36 workshops, many of them hands-on, with varying degrees of levels to lure in every artisan imaginable. Don’t miss this incredible networking opportunity.

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