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Chicago's Decorative Arts: Newsletter for Faux By Kathy faux finishing faux school faux elearning

Chicago's Decorative Arts: Newsletter for Faux By Kathy faux finishing faux store specials

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Decortive Artist School Decorative Arts marbling and graining techniques

Decortive Artist School Decorative Arts marbling and graining techniques


Bomar Designs

When Ed Semple originally purchased Bomar Designs in 1996, the company’s focus was on ornamentation for picture frames.  Over time, his business has expanded to include appliqué for furniture and décor as well as frames.  The company carries about 4,000 molds total, including vintage molds that are currently being restored for use and many reproductions of vintage designs.

The process that Bomar Designs uses in the manufacturing of its product is centuries old, dating back to the Italians in the 1700’s.  The same materials: limestone, glue, water, and wood product are used in their process to ensure an authentic product.  The mixture is then warmed and pressed into the desired mold yielding a beautifully molded piece fit to adorn the most beautiful piece of furniture or wall.

Bomar Designs is currently designing a new set of ceiling designs and mirror surrounds.  Their goal with this product is to provide faux finishers with high quality materials to compliment the finishes that they are applying.  The affordable price-point of their ornamental pieces also helps the artisan to be able to offer more options for mid-range jobs.  If you are looking to add a special touch to a bedroom, dining room, living room, or other space, Bomar Designs molded appliqués make an elegant addition. 

We at Faux By Kathy and the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes see it as part of our job to keep you informed about great products as we find them.  Not only does Bomar Designs offer a beautiful, high quality product, they are great people to work with as well.  Once you see their molded design appliqué pieces you will be anxious to work them into your next job.

For more information about Bomar Designs please visit their website bomardesigns.com or contact Ed Semple at 913-837-3202.


Rebecca Parsons, Artistically Speaking

Cre8tive CompassRebecca Parsons has been painting decoratively since she first learned techniques in France at age 16.  She describes herself saying, “I have been a lifelong learner and I like to share what I know.”  It is this lifetime of learning that has now lead her to have her own media company consisting of the radio show “Artistically Speaking”, and the online magazine “Cre8tive Compass”.

Cre8tive Compass Magazine was just launched on January 1st of this year, and is a totally interactive online magazine by and for artists. Rebecca describes the magazine’s mission as “Helping artists to make a living doing what they love.  Also, creating a community where there is collaboration, not competition.”  Cre8tive Compass is mainly focused on decorative painting, however the magazine embraces all creative entrepreneurs, including performance artists and others.

Her Artistically Speaking radio show began in October of 2009, and became an instant hit.  The show runs every Sunday at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time on Blog Spot.  The Internet radio show was named the third most popular art related show on Blog Talk Radio, and it is currently downloaded over 200 times each week.  Rebecca comments that she has been told “artisans like to download the show and listen to it while they are on the job.  By listening, you get to learn from others, and it helps artists to realize that they are not alone in their struggles.”

Recently, Rebecca interviewed Kathy Carroll on her website.  Although Rebecca and Kathy have been friends for many years, Rebecca said she still learned a lot that she did not previously know about Kathy.  They spoke about how Kathy came into the business, and how Kathy and Rebecca share the same goal of collaboration between artists rather than competition.  Rebecca says that Kathy stands out in the business because of her “openness and willingness to share without thinking about what she is going to receive in return.  Also notable, is the way that she interacts with her employees and customers.  Service is her main focus.”

Please click here to hear Kathy Carroll’s interview on Artistically Speaking.

For more information about Rebecca Parsons and her media company, visit the following:

Magazine: www.cre8tivecompass.com/mag
Talk Show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/artisticallyspeaking
Blog:  creativa@blogspot.com
Website:  fauxisme.com

Our Clients Speak

Thanks again Kathy and the team at CIFF!

Here's a few photos showing the use of products from my recent purchase. Oikos Travertino fireplace 'box'; and a rolled Shimmerstone wall in a bathroom.

I love both of these products.  The Shimmerstone is something I've used many times before and I can't say enough about how much I love it!  It's so versatile, bonds to so many surfaces, and always looks great.

The Travertino was a new one for me and I loved it.  It was very easy to apply and not too much elbow grease to achieve an amazing stone look! 

I'll use that again for sure!

Thanks for being such a wonderful source and resource.

Cathy Rinn Kelly
Belle Studio Decorative Painting - Murals 301 412 5048

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