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Chicago's Decorative Arts: Newsletter for Faux By Kathy faux finishing faux store specials

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Decortive Artist School Decorative Arts marbling and graining techniques

Decortive Artist School Decorative Arts marbling and graining techniques


Meoded Cassiopeia, Hydro Wax, and Plaster

Meoded Decorative Paint & PlasterLast month we announced that we would be carrying Meoded’s new Plaster.  This month we are happy to introduce Meoded’s Cassiopeia and Hydro Wax to our product offerings.  Both products are now available to you either through Faux By Kathy or the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes.

Recently Kathy experimented with Cassiopeia, with stunning results.  Kathy says, “The glass shards were great to work with and worked just as Meoded has advertised them to.”  They are quick and easy to use.  Once the surface is primed and a basecoat that is close to the color of the adhesive medium is applied, you are ready to begin.  Kathy was able to apply the finish to a 4 x 8 wall in minutes once the prep work was complete.  Meoded’s Cassiopeia is also extremely versatile. The adhesive can be tinted to any color, and the shards themselves are clear.  For an extra sparkle, mica powder can be added as well.

Meoded’s Cassiopeia and Hydro Wax Meoded’s Cassiopeia and Hydro Wax Meoded’s Cassiopeia and Hydro Wax
Meoded’s Cassiopeia and Hydro Wax Meoded’s Cassiopeia and Hydro Wax  

Meoded Hydro WaxMeoded’s Hydrowax is a water-based wax, and like all other Meoded products, it is Earth and artisan friendly.  A unique blend of several different waxes, Hydrowax is easily tinted when in its liquid state and can be buffed to a high sheen when dry.  Using Hydrowax as a finish coat provides the artisan with a waterproof finish with a rich glossy finish.

We have received a glowing review of Meoded’s Plaster from Erin Laure of Fab Femme Interiors in St. Louis, Missouri.  She recently completed a job using the plaster on two different walls.  On one, she tinted the plaster and put it up in two layers, and on the other she used a broken plaster technique.  Erin said that “it was great to work with and it burnished nicely.  The plaster was not gritty in texture and went really far.”

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say about Meoded’s Cassiopeia and Hydro Wax once you give them a try!

For more information on Meoded products please contact us at the studio.

For more information about Erin Laure and Fab Femme Interiors she can be contacted at 636-399-0999.

Airbrushed Clouds

Eileen Balcom-Vetillo and her partner Kathy Sayers have been working together running their business, Stonehenge Artisans Group, in Illinois for the past 10 years.  Each brings their own unique talents to the table to make their business successful.  Eileen is the mural artist of the two, and Kathy has a talent for formulating colors and finishes.  Eileen says that the two share the philosophy of  “leave your ego at the door and take the opportunity to learn from every experience.”

It is Eileen’s desire to learn from experience that drove her to seek out the perfect HVLP (High Velocity Low Pressure) spray gun to paint clouds on ceilings.  Normal HVLP guns are too heavy and cumbersome, and do not operate well when used upside down as in when you are painting a ceiling.  Eileen searched far and wide to find an existing product to fit her needs with no luck.  After more research, she finally found a company that would custom build her a spray gun.  She then collaborated with Finish Systems in Wisconsin to design a compact spray gun that would be ultra maneuverable and super light.  The design they came up with is a lightweight spray gun, only weighing about as much as a deck of cards, that runs off of a pressure pot to hold the paint and can be powered by a smaller portable air compressor.  In honor of her contribution to the product, Finish Systems named the spray gun The Eileen Balcom-Vetillo Gun.  Eileen says of Finish Systems “they work to provide a superior product and support for their products.”

Using her spray gun, Eileen has developed a wonderfully realistic cloud technique.  It is no accident that her clouds look so lifelike.  Eileen makes it a point to observe and photograph the sky at different times of the day and from different angles so that she can accurately reproduce the appearance of clouds in the sky.  In the Airbrushed Cloud classes that she has taught at the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes, she teaches these techniques as well as showing the students how to work with the gun.  She says that everyone who takes the class and sees how easy it is to work with the gun wants to purchase one.  And not only is this gun excellent for working on ceilings, but it can be used in other airbrush applications as well.

Her last class was held February 19th and 20th at the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes.  In her class, she has the students work on an actual ceiling rather than on sample boards so that they are able to really work hands on with the tool and the technique.  What would have previously taken the students two weeks to achieve with a brush, they can now achieve in just a couple of days with the gun.  She works with her students on everything from set up to clean up, saying “my goal is to have them be completely familiar with the process and the tool.”  She wants her students to enjoy working with the products and be relaxed.  Another saying of Eileen’s that she uses to relax her students is “It’s only paint, you can fix it.”  She says that attitude and energy are very important to success.

Keep an eye out for more Airbrushed Clouds classes to be taught by Eileen in the future!

For more information about Stonehenge Artisans Group please visit their website stonehengeartisans.com.  Eileen Balcom-Vetillo can be reached by phone at 815-751-6309 or by email at bvads@aol.com.  Kathy Sayers can be reached at 630-664-7104.


The Mystery Employee

Have you had a chance to meet our new employee yet?  Stop by or give us a call and see if you can identify her. 

Hint:  She is an expert at custom color and will prove to be invaluable to your business as well as ours.

Our Clients Speak


Your site is at the top of my "house projects" folder.  We're repeat customers because of all the information, inspiration and products.  What's really been a help though is your service.  Twice, you or Peggy have called me because I've ordered something that didn't seem right and in both cases, you were right. 

Thank you, I can't imagine going anywhere else.


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