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Golden Proceed Product Conversion Chart
Golden Artist Colors products Proceed Professional Decorative Painting System
If you are having difficulties finding any Aqua or Faux Effects product lines, you can use this chart for professional Golden Proceed® replacement products sold through Faux By Kathy Store.
Aqua Finishing Solutions
or Faux Effects® Product


Golden Proceed Products

Faux Creme Clear® or Aqua Crème® Replace with > Full Bodied Glaze
Faux Crème® colors and Aqua Colors® Replace with > Slow Drying Acrylic
Faux Colors® Replace with > Pigment Dispersions
Set Coat® or Aqua Bond® Replace with > Low Absorbency Base Paint 
Sandstone® Replace with > Rough Irregular Texture
FauxTex™ or Aqua Stone® Replace with > Rough Regular Texture
Plaster Tex™ Replace with > 50-50 mixture of Rough Irregular Texture and Rough Regular Texture
LusterStone® Replace with > Metallic Texture
Premixed metallic glazes Replace with > Metallic Medium Gold, Pearl, Copper, Bronze
O’Villa™ Replace with > Smooth Absorbent Texture
Venetian Gem® Replace with > Smooth Translucent Texture
Aqua Wax™ Replace with > Smooth Transparent Glazing Texture
Softex® Replace with > Smooth Light-Bodied Texture
    Rough Texture Crackle
    Smooth Texture Crackle
Clear Crackle™ Replace with > Clear Transparent Crackle
Crackle Size™ Replace with > Crackle Size
    Rough Texture Glass Beads
    Low Viscosity Glaze
    Heavy Gel Gloss, Matte, Semi Gloss