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Learn Faux Now!

Imagine learning new finishes when you can't spend the money to travel to a school. Or perhaps you just want an easy way to expand your portfolio of sample boards. You might want to learn new finishes at home, at your own pace - in your own timeframe.

The Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes and Faux by Kathy are delighted to present eLearning for the faux finishing industry with www.LearnFauxNow.com.

LearnFauxNow.com makes it not only easy but cost effective to learn a variety of new finishes - without extra time, the cost of travel, or purchasing products in quantity.

Each LearnFauxNow class includes three different finishes -- which means you can add three new sample boards to your portfolio!

After you order your LearnFauxNow class, you will receive a kit including sample boards and products used in the class. When you recieve your kit, you will also receive a log-in name and password which is available for 14 days after the first time you log-in.

LearnFauxNow.com puts you in control; learn at your own pace, print out notes and step by steps so you retain what you learn. Tips and tricks are included in the course; walk through the techniques with step by step photos and video.

The first class offered will be finishes from the popular "You Got Waxed" class shown here. Click here to view the video commercial or go to www.LearnFauxNow.com.


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