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Mirrored Romance

No photo could really justify the beauty of this mirror created by our own Jennifer Rongaus in the Antique Mirror Patina class. However, Jennifer is sharing the recipe with you!

Step 1. Treat the back of the mirror with the CitriStrip (found in the Antique Mirror Patina Kit) to remove the silver backing from the mirror.

 Step 2. Put down the Modello then mist with the Antique Mirror Patina Solution aka. AMPS. Allow to set up for 3 to 4 hours.

 Step 3. Using a soft brush stipple off some of the backing - around the Modello only- leaving a soft speckled look.

 Step 4. Cover the center Modello with paper then mist the edges of the mirror with more AMPS spray. Allow to set up over night.

Step 5. Wipe off the edges with a soft damp rag to remove the remainder of the mirror backing.

 NOTE: when you look at the front of your mirror at this stage your mirror edges should be clear glass, the reflective part of the mirror should be the Modello pattern and soft black speckles should be inside Modello area.

 Step 6. Remove protective paper off of Modello. Using a chip brush,  apply Shellac - to Modello area only, allow to get tacky. then apply gold leaf - cover 100%.

 Step 7. Using a chip brush apply Shellac to the outer edge of mirror. Allow to get tacky, apply Red Tamise randomly, leaving open areas. Allow to dry.

 Step 8. Spray 2 to 3 coats with Black oil based paint, allowing to dry in between.


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