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Rusted Iron

Marmorino Naturale

Suitable for a variety of surfaces, this sample received a lot of attention at our Open House during the SALI Annual convention in July. The mix of color, the Modello™ and the variety of movement combine to make an outstanding finish.

How did we achieve the look?

Trowel 100% Shimmered Suede Red Sable, and in the second coat trowel 100% Shimmered Suede Gold Patina.

Place the Modello, then trowel through Modello Shimmered Suede Black Walnut

Sponge on Magic Metallic Steel Paint. While damp, sponge on two coats of Magic Metallic Rapid Rust.

Optional:  Rub on Black Bison Liberon Wax™ Maple.  Rub when dry.





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