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Finish of the Month

Kathy Carroll
Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes
Carol Stream, IL

During the month of May, I went to France for a chapel restoration with a number of other artisans.  It was an amazing time – so much inspiration and beauty, along with some hard work!  I picked up a postcard and was inspired to try and match the beauty of the wall pictured.  You can see the results here, and read more about my trip in July on the website.

I call this finish – “Inspiration from Provence.”

This finish is accomplished using Roccia PL as a base Grossezza XT some mixed with Blue Pearl Ochre and Umber colorant.  Once dry the Grossezza XT was color washed using Velatura Alla Calce (Lime Paint Wash) made by Oikos and colored with Mixol #20.   The second color wash was completed using Mixol #5.  Once the surface was dry, Liberon Natural Wax was used to seal and protect.    There is also some optional placement of Liberon Medium Oak Wax.

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