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Getting a Little Rusty
Theresa Parnell

Finish of the Month

Magic Metallics are a newer product for Faux by Kathy, and during our recent open house, Theresa Parnell's demonstration drew quite a crowd. The manufacturer notes that Magic Metallics are not a "faux finish." These finishes are actually coatings with ground metal particles suspended in an acrylic sealing compound. The metal particles adhere to the surface and cause that surface to look as if it is actually made of metal.

Application of the Magic Metallics can create a variety of patinas from verdigris to rust. You can control the finish and patina colors and match the desired aged effect.

The busts Theresa finished are lightweight, made of clay and polymers, and would be an excellent ornamental piece for a variety of interiors. For those who want an authentic rust or weathered metal finish, these products are just amazing.


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