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painted coffee table

Jenna DeFalco - Inspired Design

“I paint anything that doesn’t have a pulse,” says Jenna DeFalco, talking about her business, Inspired Design. 

Inspired Design specializes in the creation of custom decorative wall finishes, murals/fine art and hand painted furnishings.  Jenna’s experience has given her a love of many aspects of the decorative painting business. 

Jenna’s hand-painted furniture has been displayed in art shows, galleries, and was featured on the HGTV® series, Mission Organization®, in which she collaborated with two local designers to reinvent a child's bedroom.

 “Furniture, wall finishes – I enjoy exciting and interesting challenges,” Jenna notes.  Besides her own business, Jenna is also a Studio Assistant at the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes.

Why work at the studio?  Jenna says “It helps me in my own business as I get to know and try the product lines.”  She also gets to network and meet new friends.

column faux hall

Jenna began her formal training in fine arts. Jenna is a graduate of Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts, with an emphasis in Illustration.  

After graduating from college, Jenna worked in Center City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a graphic designer.
then at a design firm in New Jersey as a graphic artist for about four years. When an opportunity to move presented itself, Jenna moved to the Chicago area.

That move prompted a serious question about her future.

“I was going for a Masters degree in Art Education, and I asked myself:  What is it that I really want to do,” Jenna explains.  “I opted to pursue decorative painting.”

Jenna found that taking Kathy’s Great Beginnings class took her business to a new professional level. She got excited about her own potential and started networking.

One of the bonuses of being in the studio is the opportunity to see first-hand what’s new in the industry.  Jenna says that she gets inspiration from other students and is often able to learn from others who pop in to the studio, such as the recent visit by Melanie Royals.

“I also learn a lot from troubleshooting sample boards for students,” Jenna notes.

So, what’s next for Jenna and Inspired Design?  “I want to get my name out there, and continue to network,” she says.

 Another goal for Jenna is to get into restaurants where she could combine her talents in decorative painting, furniture finishing and creating artwork for commercial spaces.

Inspired Design and Jenna DeFalco can be contacted at inspire2design@yahoo.com.

faux finished fireplace


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