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Concepts In Color Inc.

“I like to give my clients’ ideas that will improve their surroundings -- not just the look, but the actual feel of a room –  by applying the right finish.”

Ed Hartfiel is very engaging when he speaks of his clients, and how he has faced their decorative painting challenges since starting Concepts in Color, Inc. in 1997.  

When Ed came to the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes, he had signed up for a class during a lull in his schedule.  “I wouldn’t have taken the class, but my wife said – DO IT,” Ed recalled.   He adds, “Kathy Carroll was fantastic – I felt like she encouraged me to share my practical knowledge of the business with the class.”

More than that, Ed says – “Kathy energized my business through the ideas she shared with me.” 

Sue Donnelly’s home in Inverness, Illinois is a real showcase for some of the best work of Ed’s Concepts in Color team.   “Sue is fantastic – she knows what she wants the room to feel like, and allows me to take it from there,” Ed explains. 

Another of Ed’s happy clients is Mark Zurek from Delta Renovations.  “I meet with a lot of people who have had bad experiences with painters, and are not always ready to trust anyone to do what really needs to be done,”  Hartfiel says. 

Mark Zurek says, “Ed is not only reliable, but works with a client like peeling back the layers of an onion—he works with them to draw out the feeling and tone of a room.  He does not disappoint the client.”

On a more personal level, Ed believes in working to live – not living to work.  “My guys are family men, and we work hard to be at home with our families on the weekend,”  Ed comments.  His family commitment is exemplified as Ed starts double sessions this month as the freshman football coach at Burlington Central High School.   He believes it’s important to “give back something to the community, and I enjoy coaching.”

Ed looks forward to working in the upcoming months with clients who are not only interested in painting, but appreciate his skill as a color consultant and interior finish expert.  “My focus is on giving the room a great finish -- the proper tone, the right look and feel – and I find that my clients’ referrals are the best advertising.”

Concepts In Color, Inc.
Website: www.conceptsincolorinc.com
Phone: (847) 414-7972
eMail: info@conceptsincolorinc.com

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