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The Master's Old World Finishes - Doug Diekman

There are lots of people in Grand Rapids, Michigan who have Doug Diekman's art on their walls, but its not a painted finish. "I was a photographer at Harley Studio -- mostly portraits, weddings and children -- lots of children," Doug says.

Doug's first "brush" with faux painting was in his blacktop driveway -- "I would lay out the canvas and paint the backdrops for the studio." Doug began working on his own home, and Doug invited the UPS man to come in and see what he was doing.

"As soon as he saw what I was doing, he ran home, came back with his wife and they wanted me to work on their home," Doug says, laughing. "He said, 'I'll pay you." This was the start of Doug's career as a faux finisher, and his curiousity hasn't wavered in the 9 years he has been applying his craft.

His constant curiousity about what else he could accomplish led Doug away from photography -- and into decorative painting. Doug knows that his accomplishments as an artisan are truly God given. "I am a steward of what God has given me," Doug says.

Stained Cement

Some of his favorite finishes are metallic waxes, and the creation of "limestone" fireplaces. One of the more interesting finishes is that of carved wood -- which is stained cement!

"I enjoy watching a client's jaw drop when they see the before and after in their own home, and when they say I've made the "biggest difference" in their home, " Doug says. Many people havehad that "jaw dropping" experience at Spaces Unlimited, a design studio/showroom in Grand Rapids, where Doug has a number of kitchen finishes displayed.

At present, his work is an equal mix of commercial, new homes and remodeling jobs. His plans for the future? "I would like to work a month or two at a time with a sunday school for children on the streets of NY."

Contact Doug at 616-299-1760 or at www.oldworldpainting.com.

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