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Linda Wetsch

There are people who might look over North Dakota as a place to start a faux finish business.   Not so for Linda Wetsch, who has been successfully pursuing her art – and a profitable business – in Mandan, North Dakota.

It’s Linda’s remote location that prompted her search for a better faux paint supply provider – and to Faux by Kathy.

“I found Kathy on the internet,” Linda says.  “I’d have to wait two weeks from other supply stores – and sometimes the order was incorrect when it arrived!”

One of the keys to Linda’s satisfaction is prompt response time to questions.  “If I have a question about a product or finish, I e-mail Kathy, and get a response within 24 hours, but usually during the business day.”

After a number of years in an office environment, Linda left her job to oversee the construction of her own home.  Linda got a call from a high school friend in Houston who knew Linda would enjoy joining coming to Houston for an introduction to faux finishing class.

“She knew I had been involved in the arts since childhood, but I wasn’t using my art at that time. The class really got me started – we did 20 finishes,” Linda says.

Three months later Linda received her contractor license and started her business.  “Being a freelance artist in North Dakota is tough, and faux painting is an art form where people are willing to make an investment” she notes.  “Some of my clients have not seen finishes like this before,” she notes.  Her clients really enjoy the textured finishes.

As for trends in her area, Linda says that metallics are hot now, along with bright colors for kids’ rooms and the textured finishes.  When Linda and her friend attended The Faux Event last year, Hurricane Rita was taking aim at the coast.  “We renamed Kathy’s ‘Danny Ho’ finish to ‘Rita,” Linda says, and the photo of her recent bathroom finish shows that it was a real client-pleaser.

Because she is an artist as well as an artisan finisher, Linda loves doing murals, and recounts a humorous story.  “I did a mural called “Under Construction” in a home that wasn’t finished, and there were a lot of people who asked to come through the house to see the mural,” Linda says.

Although she’s only been in the business for two years, Linda is profitable and happy with her business.  “I just LOVE this business,” she says and notes “I hope to expand and do more mural work, because I really enjoy it.”

To find out more about Linda and Artisan's Interiors - contact her at (701)226-3278 or at riverwoods3999@msn.com


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