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Faux by Simona – Simona Clinge

Simona Clinge is somewhat new to the art of faux finishing, but she is very passionate about her art. “I think I was looking for something like faux finishing all my life. Drawing on a plain wall was not interesting enough.” Simona was looking for information about painting furniture when she found the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes and Faux by Kathy. She attended one of Kathy’s open studio times, where she was able to try different techniques and products offered by Kathy. Says Simona, “I will never forget my first day at the school. Everything about it was inspiring - the samples, the people, the atmosphere, everything. A few months later I came back to take some classes. That was one of my life-changing experiences! In my classes, I also met 2 of my friends that help me out now with most of my faux projects - Jenna DeFalco and Jennifer Rongaus.”

Simona explains that she does not yet have a specialty, however, “every job is different, every job is a challenge, but that's the beauty of it. That's what I love when it comes to faux finishing - you're not just painting the walls, you're creating a piece of art that becomes the part of the room, part of the house, part of somebody’s everyday life.”

Recently, Simona was looking for a finish for her own bathroom. And she found it—travertine stone—very large tiles in a luxurious home décor magazine. She took the photo from the magazine to Kathy and asked if she could help to recreate the look of the travertine stone in faux painting. As Simona, and anyone else who is acquainted with Kathy knows,  the word “no” does not exist in Kathy's dictionary. So Kathy went to Florida and came back with new products for the job - Dimensions plasters. Simona neglected to mention to Kathy that the square footage of the walls that she wanted to cover was only 80 square feet. Say Simona, “I made such a big deal about this finish that she thought that I had a huge job coming up - but it was never about the job for me, it was about the finish. Kathy, as the genius that she is, matched the travertine in the picture and made me incredibly happy!”

Bathroom Faux finsing Decorative Painting Dimension plasters Oikos Bella Fresco Bathroom Faux finsing Decorative Painting Dimension plasters Oikos Bella Fresco

Simona recently completed a very challenging project, which was a glazing job that was 2200 square feet and 28 feet high. “Thank God I had Jenna and Jennifer with me - you put one finger in the wrong spot and you have to start the whole wall all over again!”

Simona loves using Dimension plasters, Oikos, Bella Fresco, and MM. She is still trying as many different products and possibilities as she can.

Bathroom Faux finsing Decorative Painting Dimension plasters Oikos Bella Fresco

Simona reminds us that “spring is around the corner - beautiful awakening of nature will definitely bring new ideas, new inspirations, new colors to our lives!”

You can reach Simona at FauxbySimona@yahoo.com.

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