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Nato Botto Art and Interior

Natalie White has some unique ideas about the marriage of art and faux painting.

"Paint is so great, because you can do many different things, andwhen you creating a different texture, something that really stands out -- is fantastic!" She prides herself on being "completely custom" in her work.

To create the looks shown in the photos, Natalie has used everything from plaster, to chalk pastels, to glitter and metal washers.

While other artisans started out in the painting or faux painting industry, Natalie was an artist using many different media when she met a woman at an art show in 1999.

"She worked at Colour Line Hair Studio in Geneva, and introduced me to PJ -- the studio owner." Natalie recalls. "That's where the project work began." Another chance meeting at a Christmas Walk helped Natalie land the second client. "Tammy Lynch of Lynch Squared commissioned two large paintings, which started a different journey. Natalie explains, "Its amazing how the word spreads."

It was Natalie's search for a particular stencil that prompted her first meeting with Kathy Carroll.
"I didn't take classes when I started, and I learned many things the hard way, through trial and error," Natalie explains.

Kathy was local, had the stencil and took the time to explain different techniques to Natalie. "Kathy is the most giving person in the industry, and not everyone thinks that way," she said. "I love the way Kathy brainstorms with me, helping me come up with new ideas and solutions."

"Now that I've met Kathy, I have a great resource for classes, supplies and advice, close to home," she says. "Kathy's open studio is the best place to try out ideas, products and techniques, and Kathy has taught me so much from just being in there working on samples."

The best advice Natalie would offer to other novice faux painters is to take classes at the beginning. "Trial and error is a more time consuming way to learn, " Natalie explains. She also believes that the best way to grow the business is through client satisfaction. Natalie believes that her client's satisfaction is great advertising.

Another helpful tip Natalie offers is a cautionary one. "I have so many ideas for clients, so I could easily overwhelm them with color choices, etc. To avoid this, I ask them to show me styles that they like and dislike and I work from there."

Natalie enjoys off time with her husband Troy, and has two kids -- Lucas, age 10 and Ava, age 8. Typically, their family enjoys the company of two Australian Shepards, but recently welcomed 10 new puppies!

For more information on Nato Botto Art and Interior, give Natalie a call at 630-879-1304.


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