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BOLD Stone

Preferred Installer Benefits - 2010BoldStone

  • Free advertisement
    • Websites
      • BOLDStone’s Website
        • Send us ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures of a BOLDStone project and we will post them on our website with your company name, city, state and phone number.
      • Your website
        • Your may post that you are a BOLDStone Preferred Installer
        • Your website can be linked to our website.
        • BOLDStone has product pictures, videos and information that can be easily placed on your website.
    • Free CD
      • BOLDStone product pictures and logos for your advertisement pieces
      • Sample Flyers and Posters for BOLDStone products
      • Educational Information about the Decorative Concrete market
      • PowerPoint presentation sample for your customers
      • Technical Data sheets, MSDS, Application Instructions, Substrate preparation information, and Maintenance information.
      • Training seminar sample flyers, registration sample, and sample outline.
      • Application Videos
    • Co-op Advertisement (This could be through the Distributor)
      • A percentage of their purchases could be rebated back to them for BOLDStone advertisement. (Flyers or Tradeshows)
  • Free Leads (This could be through the Distributor)
  • Free BOLDStone Technical Support
    • Call (800) 230-5345
  • Free educational emails
    • Receive educational articles from BOLDStone for the Decorative Concrete Market.
    • Receive motivational material from BOLDStone.
  • Special discounts
    • Receive special offer information that can be redeemed through the BOLDStone Distributor. (The Distributor must be a participation partner with BOLDStone)
  • Free wet samples
    • Quart pails of wet sample material from BOLDStone for BOLDGranite and BOLDFinestone to make showroom displays
  • Warranty
    • You must be a BOLDStone Preferred Installer to be eligible for warranties.