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BOLD Stone

Certified BOLDStone Trainer

BoldStoneKathy Carroll is very honored to have become the very first “Certified Trainer” for BOLDStone.  This certification allows her to be the only other person so far, other than BOLDStone President Fred Ricketts, that is able to train people to become Preferred BOLDStone Installers.  Learning how to use BOLDStone is yet another way that you can enhance your business and expand your portfolio.

In order to receive her certification, Kathy had to go through several steps designed to ensure that she knew absolutely everything necessary about BOLDStone.  She first attended a 2-day session that was offered in March.  From there, she went on to learn from reading materials provided to her by the company and, after taking an extensive test, she spent an additional 3 days learning from Mr. Ricketts himself.  The final piece to her certification was teaching a 2-day seminar herself, with Fred Ricketts as one of the seminar attendees. 

During the seminar she was required to instruct and answer students questions, to make sure that she was fully ready to take on this responsibility.  As evident in the following comments in a recent email that Kathy received from Mr. Rickets, she passed with flying colors.  Mr. Rickets says of Kathy in his email “It was a pleasure working with you at the BOLDStone training seminar in California on July 8th and 9th. It does not happen everyday that I run across individuals like you. Your knowledge, enthusiasm, ethics, intellect, and artistic abilities have made you a desired, and wonderful, addition to the BOLDStone team.” 

Intro to BOLDStone Pictures and Video

Take a look at what you can create with BOLDStone.  Click on the pictures and video to learn more about why you need to add BOLDStone to your portfolio.

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Why Become a BOLDStone Preferred Installer?

BoldStoneNow that Kathy Carroll has become a Certified BOLDStone Instructor, she will be offering classes at the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes.  It is always the perfect time to add new techniques and materials to your portfolio, but you may be asking yourself, why should I become a BOLDStone Preferred Installer?

Becoming a Preferred Installer offers you the benefit of receiving leads for jobs in your area directly from BOLDStone.  They will only refer these jobs to Preferred Installers to insure that they are sending the job to a capable and well-trained individual.  BOLDStone also has an area on its website available to customers that lists their Preferred Installers, along with bio and contact information.  In addition to this, Faux By Kathy will also have a BOLDStone area added to our site to list the same information for our Preferred Installers as well. 

BOLDStone is an extremely versatile and cost effective option for your customers.  The possibilities with this product are endless; it can be used on interiors, exteriors, floors, and much more either by spraying it or troweling it on.  BOLDStone is 1/35th the weight of natural stone, takes 1/3 the time to apply it, and costs only 1/10th of natural stone. 

BOLDStone is also a Green product.  It is made using granite leftover from the mining process.  Being composed of natural stone, it holds up to changing climate, weather, and wear and tear extremely well.  As innovative as BOLDStone is, it is also a long-lived product.  Although it has only been available in this country since 2005, it has been in use in Asia since 1945.  This means they have had much more testing than most products currently on the market, adding an extra sense of security for both you and your client.

So Green, easy to use, affordable, and as Kathy says “Just plain cool.”  Contact us today to learn more about becoming a BOLDStone Preferred Installer.